Water Monitor Project Phase 1

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Overview The Water Monitor Project builds on functionality in my nRF905 Transceiver Introduction. The Water Monitor Project will provide remote information on the status of my basement sump pump and water conditions in the area of the mechanical area of … Continued

Laundry Room Remodel

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The laundry room and mud room is complete. All we need to do now is fill some of the empty cabinets and get a larger rug for the floor.

Deck Remodel

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Remodel of our deck was completed on December 11, 2017. We were both pleased with how it turned out. I will be working on the gutter drain pipes and walkway and next spring the backyard is sure to be great!!

MPU-6050 Accelerometer Introduction

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For this first discussion on the MPU6050 we will hook it up to the Arduino UNO and obtain acceleration and gyro data. We will discuss briefly what this data means. I will show you the “gyro” mount I built to help in conducting demonstrations.