Laundry Room Remodel

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Before and After:























The Granite was installed on March 14 and 15th.  I installed the faucet which went on easy without any leaks!  The job is done and it looks great.



March 3, 2018

It looks like the granite slab we picked out will not work and would not look good when installed.   We went to see Brian today and saw a nice slab of Typhoon  Bordeaux granite that may work.   Power is out in the shop today due to the reason storm so he is going to pull the slabs out next week and see if they will work.


February 21, 2018

Ordered a sample of the cushion material from


February 20, 2018

Brian Bailey arrived to complete the templating for the countertop.   Hope to have the granite installed sometime next week.  We also need to pick out some handles/knobs for the cabinets.  The plumbing is all done and ready to be hooked up and tested.   I will wait until I get the granite in and install the faucet and test the plumbing together.


February 17, 2018

Today I finished the three filler pieces for the base and wall cabinets.   I also cut the plywood for the seat and painted it.  I installed the toe-kick cover and trim cover for the right side of the seat.  After the plywood seat drys I will attach it and put scribe molding around the seat top.


February 15, 2018

Today I hung the wall cabinets.  I needed to lots of adjustments to get the cabinets to align together.   The wall for the pantry was not square with the back wall and I had a slight rise in the wall.  Tomorrow I will work on attaching the base cabinets and cutting filler pieces.  I should be able to get the cabinets templated fro the granite countertop next week.

February 12, 2018

The cabinets arrived this morning and I completed a rough fit of the base cabinets.  On Tuesday I worked on the sink cabinet completing cutouts for the plumbing, dryer vent, and heater vent.

February 1, 2018

I have completed painting and installed new lights for the ceiling.  The walls and ceiling turned out better than I thought.  I also grouted the floor and it turned out well.  Waiting on delivery of the cabinets which will be delivered on February 12th.  

January 24, 2018

I have been working on plastering!  It has been taking awhile – sand, clean, sand, clean, over.    It is easy to get smooth to the touch but I have shadows that show up under various light.  Tough to get rid of.   I think I have reached a point in which it is the best it will be.  After priming I hope to see nothing and I will use a Matte paint to help hide any imperfections further.

I pulled the washer/dryer back away from the corner so I could clean and work.  Wow was it dirty back there!  I also moved the 220 volt electric receptacle for the dryer so it will not be in the cabinet space.  It is now located behind the dryer and on the wall.

The plumbing is now all ripped out and I have placed tile pieces in the area of the cabinets.  I installed another set of valves in the cralwspace that will be used for the laundry room sink and outside faucet (the outside faucet also has it’s own valve).

I removed the cabinet from the wall, cleaned the room top to bottom, and started putting primer on the wall.  Glad now that much of the dust has gone. I also realized that the finish paint I had  for the walls is not of the correct color.  I will need to select a color.  I am looking at using a beige (Kilim Beige – Sherwin Williams).  I think I will go to the paint store today.

The cabinets have been ordered and I expect them to be arriving mid February.  We will also be using granite for the countertop and will meet with the installer this coming weekend to select the color.  He has been a great man to work with and we have had him put granite in our other bathrooms and master bedroom dressing area.  Very easy to work with and we are able to purchase granite remnants that look great at a price comparable to the big box stores.

I also selected new surface mount ceiling lights similar to those in other parts of our home.  I got them from a local lamp store that has been great to work with.  When we put in our foyer chandelier he gave us a great deal that was lower than the internet for the same lamp.   Once again I found that he was able to provide me a pair of lights at a price I would pay on the internet.  Each has 3 bulbs which will give us plenty of light for seeing items in the pantry as well as  in the laundry room itself.  It is nice to work with someone local and still get a fair price.

One of my next obstacles to overcome will be selecting the grout color.   I have six bags of grout in the basement in which I am certain that 2 of them were used for the bathrooms.  I have narrowed down the other four to two which seem correct depending on what part of the floor you are matching it against.  My problem is the grout on the floor has stained over the years and some parts are darker or lighter than others.  I worked both of these colors in the tile that will now show to see what it will look like.  It is still difficult to tell.

Sorry for the clutter in the picture.  I’m sure my next set of pictures will show a room that may allow you to see what things will look like.

January 17, 2018

Well I have been working on the laundry room for a few weeks now.   I completed taking down the wall and have been plastering the ceiling and wall openings.  It always take me awhile to complete plastering – I want to try and get it as smooth as I can.   I also moved the electrical that was in the wall, terminating one circuit outlet in the attic and moving the other outlet to the wall which will be behind the counter.  I kept the light switch separate and moved the switch to the wall on the side of the washer/dryer.    

I took out the floor register that was located at the wall and moved it so it will become a register below the kick plate of the cabinet at the sink location.  I started removing and replacing tile where necessary.  Where it will be under the cabinets I am only concerned about having it level and not concerned about keeping color or pattern match.

I also stiffened and sealed the 4″ dryer vent which comes out of the back wall of the sink cabinet and will exit through the left side toward the dryer.  I used spray foam in the wall and screwed the dryer vent cover to the outside wall.

I also removed the drain plumbing and connected the 1-1/2″ PVC pipe with a pair of unions.  I covered the wall with a piece of plasterboard.

I started plumbing layout and added a set of valves in the basement so it will be easy when it comes time to complete the plumbing.  The valves will shut off water to the kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, laundry room sink, and outside faucet.  Our home is quite lacking in water valves and if you need to turn the water off for anything it seems you have to turn the water off to the entire home.

The room is still very messy.   Should get neater soon – especially after some primer is applied.

I started on the laundry room remodel after returning from the Holiday vacation activities.  The first thing I did was remove some tile and took out the old sink.  We were able to get someone to  take the sink for free by advertising in Craigs List.   Glad we were able to help someone out and keep the landfills a little bit more empty.

When complete the laundry room will have the dividing wall removed.  The washer dryer will remain stacked.  Much more light will come in and the actual area will be open and seem larger.   I am going to also add a counter area that starts on the right side of the washer/dryer and continues around to a bench seat adjoining the pantry.   We will keep the same tile.


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