Deck Remodel

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Monday December 11th the deck was completed.  Cupola was installed, area was cleaned-up , grass planted, ladder trim on the structure installed.   They also completed trim work on the front and garage side of the house.

Friday December 8th measurements were made for the ladder trim around the structure.  All trim and rail was completed.

Thursday December 7th the plywood and sofit below the roof was installed.  It really looks good.

No workers arrived to work on the deck on Monday and Tuesday.  Another crew arrived on Wednesday, December 6th and installed the railing in all but the small “divider” area which is at the entrance to the covered area.  It turned out to look really nice and the railing is quite sturdy and should weather conditions well.

Friday and Saturday Mike and Gary worked on putting trim up.   I also had them install some blocking to make it easy to mount my weather station.

Thursday November 29th.  Gary and Mike were back and completed installation of roof truss brackets, cut off some of the long bolts, and installed some missing trusses near the end of the roof corners.

Wednesday November 28th.  A new crew arrived and completed the hip roof trusses.  Marc delivered the shingles and they also were installed.

Tuesday November 27th.  Not much work done today.  Mike added bolts to the roof beam framing.  Getting everything ready to complete the roof.

Monday November 26th.  Mike and Marc worked together today to complete the support posts and beams.

Saturday November 24th, installation of the upright supports and beams for the roof were started.

Friday November 23th, Black Friday.  All of the handrail posts were installed.   Brackets for the roof supports were attached.

Wednesday November 22nd the steps were completed.

Tuesday November 21th.  The second load of material was delivered today from 84 lumber at 7:30.  It consisted of material needed to complete the rails and framing of the gazebo.   It also included trim material. Only a little bit of picture framing decking board at the steps are now needed to complete the deck.  They started installing the posts on the left side of the steps. 

Monday November 20th, Thanksgiving Week.  Almost all of the deck has been installed and step framing is in progress.  The next delivery of material is expected tomorrow.

Friday November 17th one of the workers got a late start.  They completed the framing for the steps and installed a post footer for the step corner.  The only lumber left in the road are a few 6×6 and beams for the gazebo roof.  The next delivery will include the remainder of material needed to complete the job.

Today Thursday November 16th, is the 14th day of construction.  They continued installing decking almost completing the full left side of the deck.  A bit windy today but still having nice weather for this time of year.  I drilled holes under the deck for later wiring installation.  I also show special fasteners required at the corners of the deck of the house.

On Wednesday November 15th the inspector came again to give the OK on the completed deck framing allowing the start of installation of the decking boards.  I added some mulch around the deck to help control some of the mud and wet areas.

On Tuesday November 14th the inspecter arrived and wanted to have an additional joist installed around the perimeter of the gazebo area.

On Monday November 13th the joist framing was completed and most all of the blocking for the contrasting deck color was completed.

On Saturday November 11th the temperature was 22 degrees in the morning but it was nice and sunny and little wind.  Today the gazebo framing area started by positioning the two main beams and aligning to the main deck area.  The area was prepared for completing the framing Monday morning.

Friday November 10th the main deck framing area was completed.

Thursday November 9th the house ledgers were fully installed and two of the main deck beams were installed.   The drain pipe was routed underground below the beams to a pop-up drain in the mulch.

Wendsday November 8th things started to dry up and water from the day before were removed from the holes and 2-3 bags of concrete placed in each hole.  The back ledger board was also installed and some of the 6×6 posts were notched out.

On Tuesday November 7th rain started just after lunch.  Had time to move some of the lumber from the road and to cut and attach the rubber membrane that will help seal out the weather to the house at the ledger position.  The inspector came in the afternoon to sign off on proper hole depth and size.

On Monday November 6th all holes were completed.  Each hole is 30 inches deep.  The 6 holes that support the roof are 2 feet across.  The first inspection is scheduled for Tuesday.  The dumpster was completely full and removed today. 

Work continued on Saturday November 5th in order to complete demolition and get a start on digging the holes.

Demolition started on Wednesday November 1st, 2017.  By Friday November 3, the first load of lumber had arrived and about half of the deck had been removed.

This is the old deck which is coming down and a new one being put in it’s place.  It will be nice not to have to stain the new one and to have more room in the enclosed space after completion.  We are having it done at the end of the Fall when it will not matter much for the back yard being torn up.  Both the weather station and outside Wi-Fi have been disconnected during construction.


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