Great Falls

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On May 12, 2018,  after returning from a friends, daughters 1st year birthday party, we stopped at the Great Falls National Park in Virginia.  The park features a spectacular view of the Potomac River and the historical canal area.  Many … Continued

Backyard Drainage and Walkway

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March 26, 2018 I started digging the trench for the drain tile needed to carry the water from 2 downspouts located near the garage and back of the home near the deck.  Today the ground was very wet and muddy … Continued

Laundry Room Remodel

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The laundry room and mud room is complete. All we need to do now is fill some of the empty cabinets and get a larger rug for the floor.

Deck Remodel

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Remodel of our deck was completed on December 11, 2017. We were both pleased with how it turned out. I will be working on the gutter drain pipes and walkway and next spring the backyard is sure to be great!!

Utah and Colorado Parks

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October 8 – 19, 2017 – Maria and I took a vacation which started in Las Vegas and ended in Denver with us flying back home.  It was somewhat uncomfortable knowing that just a few days earlier on September 25th, a … Continued

MPU-6050 Accelerometer Introduction

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For this first discussion on the MPU6050 we will hook it up to the Arduino UNO and obtain acceleration and gyro data. We will discuss briefly what this data means. I will show you the “gyro” mount I built to help in conducting demonstrations.